About us

I have been working as a Dog Socialiser at Battersea Dogs and Cats Home since 2007.  I attended and took part in the volunteer training programme, but learned much more from the dogs themselves.  I handled and spent time with so many wonderful characters.  Until I had been there a while it was incredibly difficult to leave at the end of the day, there was always another dog that I wanted to spend time with who hadn't had a visitor. Understandably the dogs at Battersea have often had difficult experiences and are more complicated than usual.

By the end of my time at Battersea I was resposible for training the new intake of volunteers, it was interesting to see how many people have a real affinity with dogs and a desire to be with them.


Whilst at Battersea I learned that a dog's behaviour is influenced by very few outside factors: companionship, exercise/play and food are the things that make him happy. It is important for him to feel safe and part of a secure unit, and as long as he has someone to care for him he is content.  I have always adored dogs and the more I am involved with them the more I understand and love them.


In 2009 I decided to make a move away from the interior design business, which I had been involved in all my working life and work with dogs full-time.  The biggest advantage of this decision is that I am now with my own dogs all day and they get out more than ever.



Where we walk

Richmond Park and Wimbledon Common offer an endless choice of places to explore and ponds to swim in!


What people says about us

"reliable and dependable" "'friendly and approachable"

"caring and knowledgable"

         Joe Boddy (Chartered Physiotherapist specialising in animals)


"calm and gentle with great empathy with the dog"

"reliable and consistent"

           Sarah Ford (Battersea Dogs and Cats Home)


"My home away from home"

            Maisy (West Highland white terrier)


"Rosie loves her walks and swims with you and you've certainly improved her health so thanks tons".

             Jenny Bailey (owner of Rosie a black Labrador)


"Thank-you so much for taking such very great care of Murphy - it really is much appreciated"

              Kirsty & Steve (owner of Murphy a black Labrador)



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